World Pride with the High 5

The World Cup of Pride Parades; World Pride was held this year in the big party city of Toronto, Canada, coinciding nicely with my recent move! A friend of mine who is a member of the fabulous group; The High 5 (a professional Cannabis marketing and promotions team) asked me if I wanted to join them as they marched in the parade. Having never participated in a march before I thought it would be a great experience, I made the most of the opportunity and flew head first into the celebrations and had some serious unapologetic fun.

I love the attitude that everyone has during Pride, no one feels the need to discriminate and because of this people feel free to be whoever the hell they want to with no fear of resentment or prejudice from others. It makes you wonder if only we could think like this and have that mentality all the time just how bright and colourful the world would be. No more wars over religion, race, creed, colour or sexual preference. No more hate. Just straight up appreciation for each and every individual and all the bits that make them so unique. Call me a dreamer, but history has proven that over time what starts out as an idea from one person can turn into the perspective of an entire civilisation. Thus the world is no longer flat.

Now sit back and enjoy the rainbow :)

The New Hand of God – #WorldPride

I had the honour of photographing/marching in todays World Pride with my friends at The High Five. It was a tremendous display of the beauty that humans can create when they know that they won’t be discriminated against.

I dub this photo ‘The New Hand of God’. And I like the way it looks! Happy Pride friends!

The New Hand of God

Aston Martin, Bentley & Kimberly-Lynn Hanson

About a month ago I had the pleasure of meeting a very talented artist by the name of Kimberly-Lynn Hanson. It didn’t take long before I realised that Kimberly is one of those rare birds, the ones that I imagine you find on a remote island deep in the forest. You get a quick glimpse of the bird, and after that first glimpse all you want to do is see more, you want to understand the nature of them, what makes them tick and what makes them different from the rest of the flock. They seem to defy reason and live on a slightly different dimension than the rest of us, one that skips all the bullshit and gets right to the doing part. They live in a world of endless possibilities, a world where you simply have to ask the universe for something and it will deliver (through hard work and dedication of course).

I was very lucky in that after our brief meeting she told me she saw a passion for life and photography inside of me and wanted to encourage it by taking me on an adventure. She wanted to demonstrate that having an enthusiastic attitude plus some positive energy is magical, and has the power to create paths in life which will get you where you need to go.

A high end car dealership in Calgary; The Distinctive Collection had recently decided to hire Kimberly to display her magnificent Charcoal Artworks alongside the unveiling of 4 new luxury sports cars, two from Bentley and two from Aston Martin. It was one week before the Car Release Gala, Kimberly had already hired her own photographers and film crew to cover her art show and the event, however, she took a gamble and offered to fly me out to Calgary as well (having never seen my work) to be part of the event and to document it in my style.

It took me all of about one and a half seconds before I accepted her offer. Since I was a child Aston Martin has been my favourite luxury car company, so to get an opportunity to work with the company and photograph their cars made this a dream come true. Working with Kimberly on the project was an equally great experience, because after all, spending time with a rare bird is always an honour.

A little bonus photo of Kimberly and myself on location… just because it’s awesome.

For more information and to view the rest of Kimberly’s stunning artwork do yourself a favour and head to

Toronto Parties Hard

Over the last month or so I have photographed a number of events for a group in Toronto called Ink Entertainment. One of the largest entertainment companies in the great white north, and to my delight, they put on some rockin’ shows. I’ve only had the chance to scratch the surface of Toronto’s nightlife scene, but from what I have witnessed the people here really do give a shit about their music and celebrate it proudly. I am really looking forward to shooting Michael Woods at UNIUN tonight and Madeon at The Guvernment tomorrow night. I hope to see some of you beautiful people out there dancing your butts off, huge high 5′s are going down if we do!

Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships – Quebec City

Back in March I was invited to come along to the final race of the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships in Quebec City. A downhill Ice Skating event; it takes competitors down an insanely steep and winding track of ice and doom, filled with jumps and obstacles the racers have to use all of their speed, skill and agility to claim victory. It was awesome to see how much the citizens of Quebec love the sport. There was a real buzz in the air and everyone was having a great time. I was given a full access pass which allowed me to go out and take a few photos and gain some unique perspectives on the electrifying event. The Official After Party was one for the history books with DJ Adam Doubleyou amongst others rocking over one of the most badass club lighting set ups I’ve seen in a long time.

M o r e   i n f o