Getting to Guatemala

In November last year I left on a 3 month backpacking trip from Guatemala in Central America to Peru in South America travelling only via by bus and boat. Before I got to Guatemala I said goodbye to Whistler and caught up with some friends in Vancouver before flying down to LA and onto Guatemala City. Here are a few shots from the first stage of my journey.

Harajuku Izakaya Restaurant

I recently shot a job for the Whistler Restaurant Harajuku Izakaya. With a new Chef in the building a new menu was on the cards and that is exactly what I was there to capture. Lucky for me I got to try most of the dishes and I have nothing but good things to report. It’s all tasty stuff!

Krafty Kuts at Maxx Fish in Whistler

The World Ski and Snowboard festival is on in Whistler and with it brings some big name acts. Nas rocked out a free concert in the Plaza a few days earlier but on this night my brother DJ Tidy, DJ Cripple Wheel and of course the international headliner Krafty Kuts smashed up club Maxx Fish for the biggest night of the year.

Photo of a Travel Day #1

This is the first of a set of photos from a 3 month journey through Central and South America. It all began back in Whister, Canada where I started saving for the trip. Leaving Whistler in November just before the snow starts to really fall is a sad thing. As upset as I was to leave such an awesome place I knew I was at the beginning of a great adventure. As the rain fell against the Greyhound bus I was nostalgic about everything that I had accomplished in the town, however I was still so excited and nervous for my next life as a backpacker.

This photo is a reference to leaving the beautiful past behind to begin a new journey, as sad as it is to leave, the grass is always greener on the other side, and when I eventually return, I am sure it will be greener still. Much love to all that helped me get on this bus and eventually have the best trip I have been on yet.

Adios for now :)

Photo of the Day – Child of the San Blas Islands

I got attacked by the nicest group of kids on a tiny island in the San Blas Islands, this is one of the cheeky ones